Cracking The Prospecting Code
The Ultimate Advisor Prospecting & Lead Generation Virtual Summit
Strategies To Build A Pipeline of Qualified Prospects
In As Little As 30 Days!

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December 7th - December 10th, 2020

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During The Virtual summit You will Discover how to:
Get Your Prospect Pipeline Back
Adjust to the ever-changing market and reinvent your prospect pipeline
Find a Lead Generation Approach Tailored to Your Needs
Get more leads quickly and easily depending on your market
Create a Disaster Proof Prospecting System
Design your prospect pipeline to withstand any future trouble

During the virtual summit scheduled for Dec. 7th to Dec. 10th, 2020, you will get all of this and more…

  • Prospecting Strategies To Thrive In Any Economy 
  • ​8 Of The World’s Top Experts In Financial Sales & Marketing Reveal Their Best Strategies
  • Strategies To Build A Pipeline of Qualified Prospects In As Little As 30 Days
  • ​The Best Methods That Are Working Right Now
  • How Using Just The Right Words Can Open Previously closed doors…even online
  • ​Recession Proof Your Prospecting…With One Proprietary LinkedIn Strategy​
  • ​How Proven TV Advertising Is Affordably Within Your Reach

Get Your New Prospect “Pipeline” Back… In The Next 30 Days! 
Toss Your Old Client Prospecting Plan In The Trash!

Today prospecting for new clients doesn’t have to be like panning for gold in the gold rush, filling your pan with sand over and over again, in a grueling and often fruitless effort… just hoping to find a single gold nugget.

If your financial planning or life insurance business suffered a setback in 2020 because your "go to" prospecting methods no longer work with social distancing restrictions, lock-downs and fearful, distracted prospects…8 of the top sales and marketing experts in the life insurance and financial services industries will help you get back on track with strategies, tactics and systems that are working right now in today’s challenging environment.

During the summit you will find a buffet of powerful client prospecting approaches, most importantly one that fits your style that works right now…regardless of the size of your current marketing budget.

Imagine a future without the constant nightmare worries of an “unfilled pipeline” and no way to fill it… not because you failed, but because your best client prospecting method is no longer working. No more wracking your brain to figure out the best prospecting approaches in the middle of a global pandemic and recession. 

You’ll feel peace of mind return…as every day new client prospects enter your pipeline…a pipeline filled with engaged, qualified and interested opportunities.

Finally, you can get back to business as usual knowing your pipeline of qualified prospects is building with confidence and certainty. 
Most importantly, you don’t have to leave your home or office, to make it will be relieved that you can build your business without the constant anxiety that exists when you can’t rely on anything to fill your pipeline like it used to.

Develop A STRONGER Prospecting System That’s Recession & Pandemic Proof...

...instead of the terrifying opposite many agents and advisors have experienced. During this week long virtual summit, you’ll discover brand-new secrets for building a robust pipeline of qualified prospects from the world's top experts

Here is the legendary line up of MDRT Top Of The Table agents

David McKnight
Van Mueller
Tom Love
Scott Brooks
Mike Kaselnak

it gets better...with best selling author and MDRT Top Of The Table sales trainer from the United Kingdom Bernie De Souza, as well as author and LinkedIn expert Daniel Hanzelka and digital direct response marketing expert Michael Kittinger.

Their secrets can help you stop chasing white rabbits and get your new client prospecting on track again... REVERSE the slowdown in your practice! You’ll see how – in just 30 days – with their secrets you can start to fill your new client prospect pipeline to overflowing again.

Just click the button below to get registered right now. As soon as you do that you’ll be taken to our secure registration page.  So get started now... Register for Cracking the Prospecting Code…It’s 100% Free! By attending you will experience the DIFFERENCE having the right plan can make in your prospecting. Remember, you have ZERO RISK and you will be given an opportunity to get a free toolbox to help rev up your prospecting. Click the button below to reserve your spot now.

Summit Sponsored By: 

Your Summit Host- 
Jeffrey Thompson, FLMI

Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting Expert, Sales Trainer.  Developer of the Quantum Marketing System,  & host of Quantum Marketing Radio.  Former national sales trainer for a division of AIG.  Personally closed nearly $350 million of life settlement transactions in under 18 months.
Meet our Expert Speakers
Van Mueller 
Legendary Trainer To Top of The Table
Van Mueller, LUTCF, is a 30-year MDRT member with one Court of the Table and 25 Top of the Table qualifications. He has 43 years’ experience as an insurance agent.  He was selected by Senior Market Advisor as the 2010 Advisor of the Year.

Bernie De Souza
Best Selling Author & High Impact Speaker
Bernie has worked with international sports teams, Olympians such as Linford Christie and Daley Thompson, and spoken on stages with International Speakers like Robert Kiyoaski (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), Les Brown, Australian bestselling author Alan Pease, Big Al (known as the best Network Marketing Trainer) and others to bring professional results to audiences in several continents.
Scott Brooks
Creator of BHFM -  Marketing & Sales Advisor Coaching Program
Scott Brooks has been an investment adviser representative since 1987, and has directly managed over $100 million in client assets. Scott’s investment philosophy is one of risk management.
David McKnight
Best Selling Author & Creator of
The Power of Zero
Over the past 20 years David has helped put thousands of Americans on the road to the zero percent tax bracket. David was a Focus Speaker at the worldwide annual meeting of MDRT in Toronto, Canada and is a multiple Top of the Table qualifier.
Michael Kittinger
Co-Creator of “Traffic and Pipelines” 
Michael spent over a decade as a Financial Advisor working primarily with corporate retirement plans. After leaving a corporate Advisory setting with a top 100 RIA, Michael found his true passion in Marketing and client acquisition systems.
Daniel Hanzelka
Co-Creator of  “Traffic and Pipelines” 
Daniel is a best-selling Author and speaker. He has spent over 25 years as a Financial Advisor helping clients with their planning, investment and insurance needs.
Michael Kaselnak
Creator of 5Q Group
Michael Kaselnak is considered one of the top marketing and sales experts in the financial services industry. He has personally mentored over 300 financial advisors in the past 10 years. These financial advisors saw their average production increase by 62%. Many saw increases of over 300 percent. 
Don Tiegs
Marketing Program Director
High Level Overview of ECA Programs including how to get Unlimited Leads by Tapping into Affordable Television.
Tom Love
Author & Million Dollar Round Table Presenter
Tom has been in the life insurance industry for 41 years. He is a two-time presenter at the Million Dollar Round Table and serves on the board of the AALU. He leads a group of advisors from around the country teaching them a strategy of how to build wealth off the radar screen of the IRS using the current tax code.
Bob Brook
President of Smart Agent CRM
Smart Agent a Registered ISV Partner of Salesforce, is based in Red Wing, Minnesota. Their flagship product, Smart Agent, is a sales and customer service management system that is designed specifically for captive and independent agents in the insurance and financial services industries.

Summit Daily Agenda

Monday, December 7th

10am CST: Scott Brooks – BHFM

11am CST: Bernie De Souza – The Instant Decision Strategy
Clients make their final "yes" or "no" decision almost instantly...what to say before the presentation begins to get a "YES" decision.

Wednesday, December 9th

10am CST: Don Tiegs – How To Get Unlimited Leads By Tapping Into Affordable National Television

10:15am CST: Bob Brook – Overview of SmartAgent CRM which is linked to Firelight for ease of submitting applications 

11am CST: Van Mueller – Questions that open the door to a flood of new prospects.

Tuesday, December 8th

10am CST: Mike Kaselnak – Do This One Thing and ALL Your Marketing Will Work Better
What makes you different from all your competitors? If you can’t answer this quickly and succinctly… chances are you marketing isn’t working well.  You have to have a USP or Elevator Speech that gets prospects saying, “What?  I’ve never heard of that before!  How exactly would that work for me?”  When they say or think that… they are now inviting you in to sell your idea.  Join us in this session to design a Elevator Speech using the 5Q Process that will put ALL of your marketing on steroids… and finally get Word of Mouth marketing (referrals) working for you.

11am CST: Tom Love – The Explanation of Services®
Quickly identify those people who believe what we believe and the second, which I believe to be just as important, is to identify those people who would have normally wasted our time. When would you want to know you are dealing with a good prospect, 10 seconds, 10 minutes or 10 weeks.

Thursday, December 10th

 10 am CST: David McKnight – POZ Automated Prospect Journey
Turning the power of zero message into hot prospects online with the Power of Zero virtual marketing program.
11am CST: Michael Kittinger & Daniel Hanzelka – The Quantum 30 Day Pipeline
Using the power of LinkedIn to generate a pipeline full of qualified leads organically in 30 days. 
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